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Tactics: Defending

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Defending Tactics

A team is deemed to be "defending" simply when one of its players is not in possession of the ball, and until one of its players gains possession.

The configurable defending tactics are:


This refers to the moment the ball changes hands. I.E. the team was attacking, but has just lost the ball. The degrees are:

N0: Ultra defensive, whole team immediately turn the other way and get behind the ball.
N1: Defensive. Everybody except forwards tries to get behind the ball.
N2: Normal. This is a neutral attitude, just go to positions as normal.
N3: Risky. Linger in forward positions in anticipation of the next ball turnover.
N4: Kevin Keegan. Just stay up-field without regard for chasing back.


As described in the example above, repeated here for completeness:

N0: Stand off the player in possession and focus on covering your own position on the pitch. Only attempt to retrieve the ball if you are your teams closest player to the ball, AND the ball is in your zone.
N1:  Stick to your zone, but always press the ball if you are the closest to the ball.
N2: Press the ball if it is in your half, and you are one of the three nearest players to the ball.
N3: Press all over the pitch, if you are one of the three nearest players.
N4: Always press if the ball is anywhere near to your zone.


N0: Light. Stand off. Never dive in. Avoid tackling almost always.
N1: Almost never employ the slide tackle.
N2: Balance between normal tackling (stealing the ball) and slide tackling.
N3: Favor the slide tackle whenever available.
N4: Slide with no fear of yellow or red cards!


N0: Paranoid. Stay a few sectors deeper than the standard positioning config.
N1: Deep. Stay one or 2 sectors deeper than usual.
N2: Normal. Stay in configured sectors.
N3: High. Push up one or 2 sectors
N4: Adventurous: Push up as high as possible.


This indicates the attitudes when the team regains possession.

N0: Just clear the ball.
N1: Clear the ball if under any pressure at all.
N2: Balance between safety and counter attack.
N3: Try to keep the ball whenever possible.
N4: Hold on to the ball at all costs, risking losing it in dangerous positions.

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