Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Hybrid Gameplay

Edit, lets put the video first. Most people don't read this shit anyway ;)

So, the idea is to have a dribbling system that combines the scheme from Sensi with that of Kickoff.

On of the big differences between the two games was that kickoff had a kind of pinball, very difficult to master, dribbling system whilst in sensi the ball generally stuck to your feet as you ran.

In Kickoff, the player knocked the ball forward on impact and it was not possible (except for very specific and skillful situations) to turn whilst running with the ball, but in sensi you could weave around at will without losing the ball.

This was probably the biggest difference between the games and a huge bone of contention between the respective "fan boys." With the dust settled, lets look back with impartiality.

It is my view that sensi appealed to younger and casual players (a much bigger market) as it was immediately gratifying to play. That's not to say it didn't have depth, it certainly can be claimed that it achieved the goal of that age old mantra: "easy to play, hard to master."

Kickoff, however, was the most infuriating experience until you really got good at the game. The ball was very difficult to control and scoring was almost impossible. But once you mastered it, boy that game was so gratifying. Scoring a goal against your buddy actually meant something. In your face!!!! It also had a somehow elegant gameplay side-effect that the faster you ran with the ball, the harder it was to control and the more likely you were to lose it (just like real footy).

Anyway, the idea with senseless, is to make a dribbling mechanic that falls somewhere in the middle. We'll have the nice "physical" aspect of the ball as it's knocked forward with every touch but, depending on the skill of the player, you will still be able to turn and weave freely if you time it right.  Players with a higher rating for dribbling will knock the ball forward a shorter distance, and will be more like to keep the ball under control after turning. Perhaps players like Messi will have the ball stuck to their feet like in sensi.

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