Thursday, 24 April 2014

Banana Shots!

Otherwise known as "aftertouch" which is just as well because the banana aspect isn't implemented yet. Anyway, here is the height aspect of the aftertouch system.

I don't know why this became synonymous with Sensi because KickOff certainly had it years before, and I'm pretty sure Microprose Soccer had it too, which was like one of the first footy games ever.

There are three possibilities after the ball has left your foot:

1. Release the D-pad completely: adds a modest and constant amount of lift depending on the power of the shot;

2. Press the D-pad in the direction of the shot: keeps the shot as low as possible;

3. Press the D-pad in the opposite direction: add lift in proportion to the length of time the D-pad is held.

Short explanation: we can now do big loopy shots and clearances and generally hoof the ball miles in the air! w00t!

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