Saturday, 1 March 2014

Wots Goin On?

Hello. I'm a software developer who likes to code games and things in his spare time. I do it mostly for fun, and to learn shit that I'm interested in but don't have the opportunity to learn at work... like OpenGL and cool balls like that.

Anyway, I've whittled away countless of my "leisure hours" tapping up everything from an object oriented wrapper for the Windows MFC (ugh, remember that?) to a pretty useless OpenGL "game" that allows you to fly around a starfield in a dodgily skinned spaceship model and do absolutely fuck all.

Now I've decided it would be a good idea to actually finish one of these little brain farts and I'm hoping this blog will help give me the motivation to do that.

Finally, to give you a clue where I'm coming from, here's some epic keywords in no particular order:

Amiga NBA Jam Shadow of The Beast Moonstone Counterstrike Championship Manager 93 New  Zealand Story Kickoff 2 Stunt Car Racer Sensible Soccer (goal scoring super star hero) Wrestlefest Supercars 2 FIFA SNES Street Fighter 2 Half Meg Upgrade (!!) WWF Royal Rumble Megadrive Smackdown! Pro Evo Day of the Tentacle Mortal Kombat Monkey Island (Insert disk 12) Speedball 2  (ice cream! ice cream!) Microprose Grand Prix Fate of Atlantis IK+

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